Goodbye New iPad; Hello iPhone 5

Written by aits

Merely a few days after the new iPad release, the iPhone 5 rumors began. We all know that Apple keeps a fairly tight chain on their upcoming products so most, if not all, of the information being dispersed over the World Wide Web is either rumor or predictions/expectations. So on that note, I will pass alone my iPhone 5 predictions/expectations.

Larger Screen

This is something that many have been dreaming of for a while. My previous smartphone was the Motorola Droid X and it packed a huge screen. Large screens sound great until you carry it around for a few weeks. I would like to see Apple enhance the screen size but not to the compromise of the size of the iPhone. I would be extremely satisfied with an iPhone screen that has been enlarged the edge of the phone, but not increasing the phone size.

Complete Redesign

The current iPhone design has been on the market for a couple of years and a refresh would be candy for the eye. I doubt Apple will redesign it to the extent of some iPhone prototypes out there but I do expect a slimmer, redesigned iPhone. Better yet, how about doing away with that home button or moving it to the side?


With the release of LTE-4G in the new iPad, I think this is inevitable. AT&T will need to kick their LTE offerings in 5th gear or Verizon will reap huge benefits from this feature.


With most releases, Apple enhances the camera so I do not expect anything less this year. The iPhone is the most popular camera on Flickr. I think Apple understands the importance of better pixels as most iPhone users are heavy camera users. Could we see an iPhone 5 with 10 mega pixels? Only time will tell.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

This is fairly a new concept for the U.S. but it’s basically Bluetooth on steroids. NFC allows mobile devices to communicate and collect data from other devices or electronic chips within a close range. (Mashable has a great article on NFC if you want to learn more.) I’m not fully confident that we will see it this year but it would be a great new feature to add to the iPhone arsenal.

Release Date

Some rumors hold that

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Apple will release the new iPhone during Summer 2012. I don’t expect it to be released that early but maybe Apple will surprise us. Most likely Apple will announce the new device late summer and release it early fall.

Final Thoughts…

I expect the iPhone 5 will be a great release since we only saw minor updates to the iPhone 4S. I think many iPhone 4S users will be anxious for their recently signed contracts to expire, while those that purchased the iPhone 4 during initial release, will be ready to pre-order their new device.



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