4 Common Small Business Security Mistakes

Written by aits

As more businesses are transmitting data over the Internet, security is a huge concern.  Intuit Small Business Blog posted a great article today, providing four security mistakes/misconceptions that small businesses face.

1.  Reusing passwords

Issue:  Using same passwords, regardless of the strength of the password, across multiple online accounts.

Solution: Use unique passwords for each service and change the passwords regularly.

2.  Using outdated software

Issue:  Software companies provide software updates and many of the updates are related to security.  If your software is outdated then the security is most likely outdated as well.

Solution:  Update software when updates are released and, if possible, turn on automatic updates.

3.  Not protecting mobile devices

Issue:  Due to the demand of smart phones over the past few years, hackers are now targeting smart phones to be a breeding ground for malware and other security attacks.

Solution:  Be mindful of where you are downloading smart phone apps.  Only download information from trusted sources.  Additionally, there are security and device wipe solutions available for business phones and tablets.

4.  Thinking your money is safe

Issue:  Business owners often relax when it comes to the security of their bank accounts with the mindset that the bank will replace any funds fraudulently stolen.  “Business accounts don’t come with the same protections that consumers enjoy.” states the Intuit blog post.

Solution:  Don’t fall into the scam emails asking for your username and password and follow the recommendations in #1 above and create strong, unique passwords for your accounts and change the passwords regularly.

Business owners invest a lot of time and money into their companies.  Regardless if it’s taking small steps as noted above or investing into more secure equipment for your network infrastructure (firewalls, etc.), the effort for maintaining the integrity of your business information must continue to be a priority.  Security concerns are high for most business owners but if you take the right steps, the risk of a breach can be minimized.

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